American Canyon, Thank you for your support! I am honored to have been elected to AmCan City Council.

Election Day: November 6th

Early Voting begins: October 8th

Note: 100% mail-in election ballots due November 6th
(707) 315-3876 Because a good leader is a great servant! Please Donate to My Campaign

What Pierre Washington Stands For



    • Make Public Safety our top priority. I will use my experience as a Peace Officer to strengthen relationships between communities and law enforcement to partner in our common goal for a safer American Canyon.
    • Support affordable residential development and parks, while protecting our open spaces and ensuring safe sidewalks and pedestrian paths.
    • Lead efforts to a comprehensive plan that will draw investments and make our planned downtown area an attractive destination.
    • Be a trustworthy steward of public funds, improving programs while respecting budget limitations. I will protect infrastructure investments by planning ahead for future maintenance of our streets, preventing costly early replacement and saving taxpayers’ dollars. I will also advocate for increased code enforcement on commercial and residential properties.
    • Advocate for small businesses and bring creative ideas for economic development and job growth.
    • Support disability rights for people with all types of disabilities.

CORE VALUES: Integrity, Transparency, Compassion, and Community

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