American Canyon, Thank you for your support! I am honored to have been elected to AmCan City Council.

Election Day: November 6th

Early Voting begins: October 8th

Note: 100% mail-in election ballots due November 6th
(707) 315-3876 Because a good leader is a great servant! Please Donate to My Campaign

About Pierre Washington


“… Because a good leader is a Great Servant!”

My name is Pierre Washington and I am currently running for American Canyon City Council. I am an 11 year US Navy service veteran, retired police detective, devoted husband, and proud father of 7 beautiful children. I believe that a good leader starts as a great servant, which is why I hope to earn your vote!

While at Richmond Police Department I served as a Patrol Officer, Community Police Liaison for Easter Hill Village, Nystroms Village and The Iron Triangle, bridging relationships with the community and working with the youth groups to keep them out of the criminal system. I was assigned to the K9/Canine Unit as Citywide coverage with my K9 Partner, Kai, (Narcotic & Attack Trained). K9 Kai and I provided K9 demonstrations to local pre-schools, middle schools, high schools and neighborhood events, as well as National K9 competitions. I was assigned to the Street Level Narcotics Team “NITRO” as a Detective enforcing street-level narcotics, dangerous weapons crimes, search warrants, parole/probation searches, and High-Risk entries. I worked vigorously to lower domestic violence crimes, hate crimes, elderly abuse, crimes against children, and crimes against people with disabilities.

While in the United States Navy, I served as a Flight Deck Handler and Fuels Specialist assigned to the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN69 from 1981-1985. I served as Facility Naval Police Petty Officer with NATO Alliances in Naval Air Station Sigonella Sicily from 1985-1988. I also served as a Navy Recruiter in Oakland, CA assigned to Navy Processing District Oakland from 1988-1992. I left active duty military service after 11 years to pursue a career in law enforcement, however, I chose to enlist in the US Navy Reserves to continue to serve our country. I was assigned to a Seabees, (“Can Do”) Unit where my responsibilities were to manage a construction team that built and demolished Mobile Aircraft Landing Fields, Fuel Farms and Mobile Surgical Hospitals, (like M.A.S.H.) to support front line marines in combat zones.

As an Executive Security Director for a Pharmaceutical company, I oversee the day to day Security, Safety, Health & Environmental challenges to ensure the welfare of the pharmaceutical campus. I am also the liaison for the local Police Department, Fire Department and City Utilities groups safeguarding the partnership with local community and the pharmaceutical company. I also manage the sites Business Continuity Management plan, the Emergency Response component and a multi-million dollar budget for staffing.

As a member of Faith Bible Church of Vallejo, I served as an Elder, Director of Church Security, Member of the Children’s Christmas Play ministry, facilitated the Celebrate Recovery Faith-Based missions program, while also assisting those with Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups, as well as working with the State of California Department of Corrections release program to assist those transitioning back into society.

I am a member of the following organizations:

  • American Canyon Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC) 2019 – Present
  • American Canyon Chamber of Commerce
  • Napa Sheriff Department Citizens Academy – Graduate 2019
  • American Canyon City Citizens Academy – Graduate 2018
  • Faith Bible Church of Vallejo (FBCV)
  • Celebrate Recovery (CR)
  • Faith Food Fridays (FFF)
  • Retire Peace Officers Association
  • Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Jr. Vice Commander Liaison to American Canyon Veterans
  • Napa County NAACP member
  • American Canyon Lions Club
  • Napa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member
  • African American in Biotechnology (AAIB)
  • Team Cancer Sucks Member
  • Member of Disability Rights Advocate Group (DRA)

In my free time, I enjoy listening to Earth, Wind & Fire, spending time with my family, attending church events, camping, and being a positive role model for children. My favorite quote is by John Wooden, which states, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

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